Jesus Enters the Virginal Womb and the Freshly Cut Tomb

Crowned statue of the virgin Mary carrying a child with a diffused vegetation background

The virginal womb and the freshly cut tomb both represent a return to Eden.  St. John Chrysostom believed that the soil of Eden prefigured Mary.  It brought forth life without seed.  If you look at that second story of Creation you see the soil described as never being tilled by man, nor had any shrub been found on it.  It was virgin soil.  This soil was then covered by the waters that welled up in Eden and Adam was formed out of this mud. Living water that wells up from within or flows out from a person in the Gospels refers to the Holy Spirit. So here we have the virgin soil (Mary) being covered by the waters of Eden (the Spirit) and out of that mixture comes Adam (Jesus)!

When Jesus was buried He was placed into a freshly cut tomb.  The interior of the tomb, had not known death.  The body of the new Adam was placed into the earth like a seed.  The new Adam like the first Adam is going to be pulled out of the earth.  The descendants of this Adam are going to be restored to that state of sinless grace.

We on earth are still children of the first Adam until we are baptized.  We are covered by holy water instead of the earth to rise again to new life. Our souls are sinless and pure as we come out of that sacrament. But then we fall, so Jesus  through the sacrament of Reconciliation allows us to return to that state of grace.

During Advent, we are called to go confession.  When we do that, we provide the Lord with a specially prepared soil deep within our souls.  He, like a seed, produces much spiritual growth and abundant fruit. Our souls become a garden where the new Adam dwells. He, in turn, prepares us for our own resurrection.

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