Jesus was conceived; Jesus died.

Ornamental crucifix

Jesus had a natural life span on earth like all humans.  There was a moment when His humanity wasn’t here, and then the next moment He was conceived.  There was a moment when He breathed His last and commended His spirit to God.  His body after the resurrection was transformed–built for eternity.

It is so easy to just relate to Jesus as God and forget His humanity. But Jesus was truly like us in all things except sin.  Mary needed a spit rag on her shoulder when she burped him.  When He was twelve, He was ready to take on the world. You could invite Him to your house for dinner and He came! Sometimes people surprised Him with their faith, others left Him sad as they walked away.  He grieved over the death of His cousin and over Jerusalem. He knew that the people weren’t changing their ways so disaster was headed their way.  These days I can relate to that sentiment as I see the world hurtling toward destruction.

When He was here on earth, He could only sit beside two people at a time.  Now because He died and is now resurrected, through His Holy Spirit He can sit beside every one of us.  In fact more than beside us , He wants to be within us.  There He rejoices with us, grieves with us, dines with us, is persecuted with us, and encourages us to pray for those headed for disaster.  At the end of our natural life, we will die with Him, and live with Him eternally.

Jesus lived.  Jesus died.  Jesus lives in heaven and He lives in us.

#trcot #tcot #Jesus lives


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