The Miracle of the Incarnation Occurs Every Day at Mass

GRANADA, SPAIN - MAY 29, 2015: The baroque paint of Annunication in Iglesia de San Anton by unknown artist.

If you were to see the miracle of the Incarnation from Jesus’s perspective, You would see Him take His Soul and Divinity and place it within a single ovum in Mary’s body.  That single cell would grow and divide until it came to look like the adult Jesus. All this was accomplished through the Holy Spirit. Does that single cell remind you visually of anything?

The Eucharist!  It is the same miracle, only the physical matter being changed is different. If God could do it with an ovum, He can do it with bread and wine.  Both that first cell and the Eucharist contain the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ. Both are accomplished through the power of the Holy Spirit with the co-operation of mankind.

When the Eucharistic minister stands before you holding the host, he stands in the place of Gabriel.  Both asked, “Will you take the Son of God into your body and let Him dwell there?”

Next time you go to Mass put into practice the lessons of this week so far.  Prepare the soil of your heart so that it is spiritually like the virginal womb, free from sin.  Ponder the ramifications of what God is asking of you. Let your Amen be a “thy will be done.”  Such a seed as the Eucharist planted into the fertile soil of a prepared heart and a willing spirit can change the world.  Receive prayerfully, mindfully, often and over the course of your lifetime.

#Advent #Eucharist #Annunciation


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