Was the Visitation Part of God’s Plan to Restore Israel?

Antwerp - The Visitation of Virgin Mary to Elizabeth by Francken
ANTWERP, BELGIUM – SEPTEMBER 5, 2013: The Visitation of Virgin Mary to Elizabeth by Frans Francken (1581 – 1642) in Saint Pauls church (Paulskerk)

What had made Israel a holy nation during the rule of Kings David and Solomon were four things: the Ark of the Covenant, the Temple, the Aaronic priesthood, and the kingly line of David. By the time Jesus was conceived, the Ark of the Covenant had been lost around the time of the Exile, the Temple had been destroyed, rebuilt, and then desecrated by the Greeks and later Pompeii. The high priesthood had become a political appointment and King Herod who wasn’t even Jewish ruled Israel for the Romans.

When the Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary, God restored the Ark of the Covenant to Israel.  Instead of the Ten Commandments, Mary held within her the Word of God made flesh.  Instead of manna, she had the Bread of Life, and instead of the Aaron’s rod, she held the Eternal High Priest.

When Mary went to the house of Zechariah, she was visiting the priestly descendants of Aaron.  Both Zechariah and Elizabeth had descended from him.  Then the Holy Spirit fell upon John.  He would fulfill the role of his forefather Aaron by assisting Jesus, the new Moses, in freeing Israel from its slavery to sin.  The Visitation restored the Aaronic priesthood to Israel.

The Nativity restored the kingship of David and the Presentation returned the presence of God to the Temple. Before Jesus was even two months old, He had restored everything to Israel that made it holy.

When Jesus died the high priests had offered up the spotless lamb fulfilling their duties while betraying their God.  They had rejected the Son of David as King over Israel instead naming Caesar as their king.  The temple of Christ’s body was destroyed and the new ark of the covenant was a tomb.

Then came the Resurrection and the tomb was opened. The two angels that had adorned the top of the original one were now real and sitting on either end of the slab.  Their news was that the one you are seeking is not here but has risen from the dead.  The Ark was empty. Now, there are no containers separating us from our God!

Next, Jesus sent Mary Magdalene, not a pure virgin but a redeemed sinner, to the priests of the New Covenant–the Apostles.  The Ascension restored the eternal kingship of the Son of David and Pentecost created the new Temple using believers as living stones.  Jesus restored all things, fulfilled all things, then brought them to their eternal purposes.

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