Son of Adam, Son of God

The Creation of Adam

When we are conceived we get things from our parents.  It could be our hair color or our sense of humor.  They got their traits from their parents.  While we are uniquely ourselves, we are also made up of millions of our ancestors who have all contributed something.  I recently read that every blue-eyed person can trace that trait back to a single common ancestor.

There are two different genealogies for Jesus in the Bible.  Matthew’s starts with Abraham and comes down through the kingly line of David until we come to Joseph and finally Jesus.  This is thought to be Joseph’s genealogy.  It is meant to show that this is the promised son of David that would sit upon his father’s throne. Another day we can show how Jesus fulfilled that promise.

The other genealogy is in the gospel of Luke.  It starts with Jesus and ends with Adam, son of God. Once you  get past David and the patriarchs just about everyone is obscure.  Some think this is the genealogy of Mary.

Every one of those people contributed something to who Jesus is.  They are just names to us. To God,He knew every hair that was on their heads. He knew their struggles, their triumphs, and their tears.  Nobody is a nobody to God.

Some of the most boring stretches of the Bible are the long genealogies, but they are just a foretaste of the Book of Life in heaven.  Someday in heaven we will meet Salmon, Serug, and Addi.  We shall know them as God knew them. St. Paul says, “Now I know in part; then I shall understand fully even as I have been fully understood.”

The Church has gone forward through the centuries not just on the backs of great saints although they have contributed greatly.  It has been moved forward by nobodies in the world’s eyes. They went to church and kept the faith, through great and small difficulties,  We don’t know our genealogy of faith.  We know it started with Jesus, went through at least one of the Apostles, until it came to our parents or whoever evangelized us. Now the faith is entrusted to us.  We owe our ancestors in faith a debt of gratitude, and if they are still in purgatory we owe them our prayers.  Our faith would not be here except for them.

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