Joseph the Dreamer

Wooden Statue of Saint Joseph
HAACHT, BELGIUM – MAY 30, 2015: Wooden Statue of Saint Joseph in the Church of Haacht, Belgium.

There are two Josephs who can be called dreamers in the Bible and they both had a father named Jacob. The first Joseph was the favorite of Jacob’s twelve sons.  He was also God’s favorite who blessed him with dreams that foretold the future.  After much trial and hardship those dreams did come true, and he was able to save his family from starving to death.  By that time, Joseph had gone from being a slave to second only to Pharaoh in Egypt.

God also communicated with Joseph, the spouse of Mary, through dreams and gave him a tremendous responsibility.  He had to lead, guide, protect and provide for the Holy Family through very tumultuous times.  Yesterday we looked at Joseph’s first trial.

The Holy Family’s troubles were only just beginning.  They would be uprooted to Bethlehem just as the baby was about to be born.  There would be no place to stay once they got there. Then they had to flee a maniacal killer.  Like the first Joseph they became refugees in Egypt. Joseph worked as a carpenter building houses and furniture where his ancestors had made bricks.  Finally, like the Israelites at Passover, they were given the go-ahead to return home.

Through it all God guided Joseph through dreams, and his response was one unquestioning obedience.  The original Israelites grumbled all the way. We aren’t told what Joseph said, rather we are told what heaven said to him and how he obeyed. Joseph went from being a poor carpenter to being the steward of God’s most precious Son.  That was a position much higher than that of the first dreamer.

In the Passion there would be another dreamer, Pilate’s wife.  Pilate had great position as Caesar’s representative but he did not heed his wife’s dream. Instead, he caved into the pressure of the crowd. Tradition tells us that Pilate went on to commit suicide, while his wife became St. Claudia.

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