Jesus is Born; Jesus Rises from the Dead

stained glass widow of nativity

This blog is a counterpart to an earlier blog at the start of Advent entitled Jesus enters the Virginal Womb and the Freshly Cut Tomb.  You can link to it here.

In both cases a seed was planted. Those were Christ’s beginnings, not His ends.  Each of us began life like a seed. If given the right environment the seed grows on its own. Somehow those instructions were written in each of us to know how to create a liver, lungs and a spleen.

But the pregnancy formation is not the end unless something goes terribly wrong. We are destined for life outside the womb.  A seed is meant for life above the soil.  We were meant to share in the creative process. As seeds produce more seeds, so we are designed to give back to the earth, to life, and to the God who made us.

But this life is not the end, we are meant to die.  Jesus’ resurrection tells us that death is not the end.  Life was but a bigger womb not an end in itself. This life has been a formation for eternal life.  In some mysterious way what we have done here on earth is preparing us for the life that is ahead.  Perhaps music lovers will sing with the celestial choirs.  Artists will see all the colors of the spectrum and create works of art out of light itself.  Beauty’s true home is heaven.  My dearest wish would be to sit in the company of the church fathers and just listen.

I think if we really knew how important the formation of this life is, we would care more deeply about spiritual things and less about transitory material things.  But all we can do is prepare the soil of our soul and yield to the seeds that planted.  It is God that does the formation.

Related scripture: Mark 4:26-32

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